Nuovo Kolor - Water-based concentrated, multipurpose colorants - FOR THIRD PARTIES

The high level of technology of our plant, as well as the organisational flexibility of our company, mean that we can perform the whole production cycle in-house, following the requirements of distributors and generic producers from start to finish. The experience we have gained in the sector guarantees that at any moment we can meet special requests for materials and modifications of orders placed – both in quantity and quality. The search for moulds for making the bottles is done with the customer who wants it personalised, and the same applies to caps, screen printing and labels with the customer’s logo. In addition to this we have two blister lines with various formats to satisfy the demands of foreign markets and retail distribution channels, since blister packaging is studied to highlight the product in corridor display stands, occupying minimum space while giving all the explanations and warnings (for use) to the end user.